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A.S.A. Field Built Fiberglass Sumps

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Legacy Flange Sump

A.S.A. Mfg. Inc. heavy duty fiberglass sumps are "shovel ready" solutions for your pool or fountain drain design. Stronger and more reliable than heat-welded PVC, our sumps are fabricated from premium fiberglass and resin for maximum structural strength. Your customers can expect long life and no maintenance.

When you spec or stock our fiberglass sumps for your pool project, you gain flexibility at installation time because they are compatible with many brands of SOFA covers.  

Installations are fast and easy! We fabricate our fiberglass sumps with a smooth gelcoat interior and a strong resin and fiberglass exterior. Our sumps also feature an integrated 2" f.p.t. x f.p.t. fitting for hydro relief valve and pebble pipe.  

Heavy Duty Field Built Fiberglass Sump 

* Premium fiberglass & resin for maximum structural strength

* Durable smooth gelcoat interior

* 2" Bottom fpt.x fpt for hydro relief valve and pebble pipe

* Exterior perimeter FRP waterstop flange

* Threaded PVC SCH 40 pressure test plug for outlet (up to 8")

* Non-Metallic- No grounding

* All PVC connections are ASTM 2466 compliant

* Rough sand exterior finish

* Designed to ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017 for use only with

   noted SOFA (Suction Outlet Fitting Assembly) Covers

* Custom configurations fabricated.

NOTES: Compatible SOFA information is based on manufacturer's specifications 
at the time of publication. Subject to change. See Manufacturer's website
for updates. 
Contact us a 352-465-0236 for Sump product information and specifications.