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We're a family-owned business dedicated to creating superior fiberglass products. We value integrity and honesty. Call us today to see if we can assist you with your aquatics project.

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Choose heavy duty A.S.A. components for all your Aquatics Projects:

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Fiberglass Gutter Systems Kits

Fiberglass Gutter System Kits - Download Datasheet Here

Our heavy duty gutter systems provide a “drop-in” fiberglass solution for your aquatic projects. Construction professionals prefer our pre-fabricated gutter system because of the fast and easy setup -- no forming, no pouring, no painting.  Installation is modular, with sections bolted at specified intervals. Integrated fiberglass leveling tabs are built into the gutter for simple setup at construction time. Typical fiberglass gutter system projects include:   Fiberglass Gutter System

  • Rimflow Pools
  • Zero Entry Aquatic Attractions
  • Beach Entry Aquatic Attractions
  • Beach Entry Style Pools
  • Spray Decks
  • Fountains
  • Custom Gutter projects

 We manufacture 12” and 18” wide fiberglass gutter that fits most types of grates available for aquatics applications. Choose from Level Top or Zero Entry designs for traditional or “beach entry” gutter projects. We can fabricate your gutter system straight or with a custom radius.

Manufactured with multiple layers of premium fiberglass and resin, we have developed a heavy duty gutter system that delivers maximum structural strength to your design. Outlets can be installed to your project specification, on sides or bottom. The integrated waterstop flange reduces weeping.

Durable fiberglass means low maintenance too.  Construction professionals consider A.S.A. MFG gutter systems to be the preferred modular solution for rimflow pools, zero entry, beach entry gutter and spray deck designs. Call us today for a quote on your aquatics project!

Fiberglass Gutter System   Fiberglass Gutter System
  • Works with most grate systems 
  • Waterstop flange
  • Easy leveling tabs
  • Straight or custom radius
  • Outlets installed to project specifications--sides or bottom
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Installation - No Forming & Pouring
  • Appropriate for all geographic regions

Fiberglass Gutter Chart


Gutter Drawing Fiberglass Gutter Cross Section


Gutter Install 

Zero Entry Fiberglass Gutter ASA MFG INC


 Fiberglass Gutter ASA MFG INC.

Zero Entry Fiberglass Gutter System ASAGutter PhotosFiberglass Gutter System