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We're a family-owned business dedicated to creating superior fiberglass products. We value integrity and honesty. Call us today to see if we can assist you with your aquatics project.

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Typical Installations

Choose heavy duty A.S.A. components for all your Aquatics Projects:

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A.S.A. Heavy Duty Fiberglass Collector Tanks

Ideal for Gravity Flow and Non-Suction Aquatic Applications


Collector TanksCollector Tank Installation at Construction Site
  • Designed for gravity flow applications
  • Integrated Soc x Soc Schedule 40 outlets configured to required elevations
  • Save time - eliminate forming & pouring!
  • Landscape, grate or pedestrian cover options
  • Add your float valves, auto-fill and level sensors
  • Premium fiberglass & resin for structural strength
  • Durable, smooth non-porous gelcoat interior
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Appropriate for every geographic region
  • Custom designs fabricated -- Call us today!

These heavy duty A.S.A. collector tanks are critical components of all gravity flow applications.  Because they are pre-fabricated, installation of our fiberglass collector tanks will be easier, faster and more exact!  Eliminate messy forming and pouring -- job specifications are built into the product!  Fiberglass construction means these tanks are durable and long-lasting, with little to no maintenance required.

We offer a variety of sizes, dimensions and features. Choose a tank capacity from 75 gallon to 2205 gallons with 6” freeboard. Outlets are integrated and can be configured to your required elevations. Add your own float valves auto-fill and/or level sensors. We also offer multiple collector tank cover options, shown below.

Fiberglass collector tanks offer many benefits. Our manufacturing process builds strength directly into a finished product. A.S.A. uses premium fiberglass and resin for maximum durability and strength. All our tanks have a smooth, non-porous gelcoat interior finish which is non-corrosive & inhibits algae growth. Fiberglass can withstand environmental extremes, so these tanks are appropriate for every geographic region and weather conditions.

More aquatic project designers are choosing gravity-flow drainage systems. We've manufactured hundreds of collector tanks for hundreds of aquatic applications. We can help you determine the collector tank style and cover option that best meets you project goals. Call us today for a quote!

Collector Tanks Chart Tank Drawing Top and Side

Collector Tank Cover Options

A.S.A. offers a variety of options for collector tank covers. Depending on your plan requirements, these covers allow varied options for maintenance access and can protect your equipment from tampering. A.S.A. Mfg. Inc. collector tank cover options include:       

  • Fiberglass grate covers
  • Aluminum pedestrian hatch covers
  • Handles, hinged and lockable options are also available
  • Access Ladders for safe entry into large tanks

Pedestrian style hatch covers are manufactured with pre-engineered aluminum covers.  Slam-lock and other options available.  Single or Double Door, depending on size.


Fiberglass grate covers are designed for maximum strength from molded square fiberglass grating

Grate CementCollector Tanks


A.S.A. MFG. Inc. fiberglass collector tank covers and options can be customized for your project. View our gallery of collector tank cover options below and call us for more information. Allow us to create a custom quote for your today!

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