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We're a family-owned business dedicated to creating superior fiberglass products. We value integrity and honesty. Call us today to see if we can assist you with your aquatics project.

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A.S.A. Manufacturing Fiberglass Products Datasheets

These datasheets contain basic specifications and dimensions for our standard products.  We also manufacture custom versions of these products.  Please contact us for more information.  

A.S.A. MFG Inc. Product Line Brochure

Download Side 1 (11x17)      Download Side 2 (11x17)   Updated 07/24/13


     A.S.A. MFG Product Brochure 2011



Legacy Sump - NSF Certified Datasheet  Download  
I-Bar Sump - Datasheet  Download
Backwash Sumps - Datasheet  Download
High Capacity Heavy Duty Sumps - Datasheet  Download



Collector Tanks - Datasheet

Collector Tank Covers - Datasheet



Equipment Vaults/Covers - Datsheet Download
Valve Vaults - Datasheet Download



Fiberglass Waterstops - Datasheet  Download   
PVC Waterstop Sleeve Fittings - Datasheet  Download



Fiberglass Gutter Systems - Datasheet  Download



Precoat pots - Datasheet  Download

Lazy River Flow Controls - Datasheet Download