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We're a family-owned business dedicated to creating superior fiberglass products. We value integrity and honesty. Call us today to see if we can assist you with your aquatics project.

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About Us

A.S.A. Founder, Jack DuPlessis

A.S.A. Manufacturing Inc. has been creating fiberglass construction components for the aquatics industry for over 20 years.  Our founder, Jack DuPlessis, worked closely with builders, distributors, designers and aquatic park owners to develop fiberglass aquatic products that have earned a reputation for strength, quality and long life.  Today,  you’ll find our high quality wall systems, sumps, vaults, gutters and tanks installed at pools, waterparks, spas, campgrounds, recreation sites, commercial fountains, resorts and hotels, universities, zoos and municipalities across the U.S., in Canada and the Caribbean.

Jack developed a monolithic fabrication process for fiberglass manufacturing which created one of the highest strength to weight ratios for construction materials.  As a result, our fiberglass products are stronger and more lightweight than concrete or steel.  Strength and durability also means a longer life and lower maintenance, too. 

ASA Quality ControlUsing this manufacturing process, A.S.A. introduced fiberglass construction component designs as  alternatives to formed and poured water features.   Our modular, “drop in” systems have gained popularity for many reason.  First,  by saving time at the job site, eliminating time-consuming forming and pouring.  Also, because fiberglass is structurally stable and resistant to environmental extremes -- builders, designers and distributors are able to install our products in every climate and geography.

Manufacturing Plant Photo Our fully permitted 20,000 square foot U.S. manufacturing site is located in sunny central Florida where the warm weather provides us the optimal climate for the maximum number of fiberglass production days per year.  We have an experienced group of fiberglass technicians with over 70 years of combined experience at A.S.A. building quality fiberglass products.A.S.A. Technicians  We are family run company and we work hard to earn a reputation for integrity and quality.  We appreciate our skilled employees and their attention to quality.

 We have invested in a manufacturing process that offers customers many choices.  We have a variety of molds which allows us to create custom solutions.  Multiple grate, cover and lid or ladder options are available for tanks, sumps and vaults.  We offer  straight or custom radius for gutter designs and a variety of gel coat finishes.

A.S.A. Mfg Inc PresidentTodd DuPlessis now runs the company his dad founded.  Todd’s experience in supply chain management and operations has helped us to expand the product lines and strengthen the supply chain.  A.S.A. MFG now manufactures fiberglass equipment vaults, collector tanks for gravity flow systems, valve vaults, equipment covers and gutter systems for fountains, spray decks, aquaculture, storm water systems and many more aquatic-related projects.

We maintain a positive relationship with customers who have purchased our products in the past and our goal is to form strong partnerships with new builders, distributors and water attraction designers who want to integrate our products into upcoming projects.  

Contact us today to discuss your current project and let us help you save time and money with A.S.A. fiberglass construction components!